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Morocco Benefits

  • Excellent support and cooperation by all the official bodies of the State, i.e. the Royal Armed Forces, the Royal Moroccan Air Force, the Royal Moroccan Navy, the Royal Gendarmerie, and the National Security Service

  • Simplification of the procedure for temporary imports of arms and munitions required for film shoots

  • Rebates granted by Royal Air Maroc for the air transport of goods and passengers

  • Symbolic tariffs for shooting films at historic sites and monuments

  • VAT exemption for all goods and services acquired in Morocco

  • Simplification of the customs-clearance procedure for importing and exporting film-shooting equipment

  • Within the CCM, setting up departments that further facilitate procedures and contacts with departments and authorities involved in film shoots.

  • With hundreds of international films and TV shows filmed in Morocco, the country has an abundance of first rate local film crew and equipment.

If you plan to spend at least 10 million dirhams in Morocco (approx. $1M USD), and work in the country for 18 days or more (that includes set building time), Morocco will reimburse 20% of all eligible expenses.

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