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Jordan Benefits

  • Eligible productions filming in Jordan can benefit from a 10% to 20% cash rebate on their expenses in the Kingdom.

  • The rebate will be on all qualified expenses incurred within Jordan, in which these expenses should not exceed 75% of the total global value of the production. Productions have to be related to film production, TV production, radio production, commercials, photography, electronic games, animation, 2D or 3D.

  • The production should spend at least 20% of its total budget in Jordan.

  • The maximum rebate granted to any foreign production is 1 million Jordanian dinars (approx. 1,43 million US dollars).

  • The cash rebate comes in addition to the tax exemption system, provided all requirements are met.​​

  • By virtue of a Government’s decision, The Royal Film Commission – Jordan was granted the right to exempt eligible productions from certain taxes and fees. 

  • Sales tax exemptions for any product and/or service purchased within the Kingdom for the sole purpose of the production. 

  • Customs taxes and duties exemptions for any equipment and/or material imported into the Kingdom for the sole purpose of the production. 

  • Taxes exemptions on salaries and fees for any non-Jordanian cast and crew member employed by the production. 


  • The project must go into pre-production within 90 days from the date of approving the application. After the period of 90 days, the exemption shall be considered invalid and the production must reapply. 

  • The production must agree to have a ‘Filmed in Jordan” credit as well as The Royal Film Commission - Jordan logo in the final production rolling credits. 

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